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I have been in real estate for 29+ years and offer a personalized version of support that is tailored to my clients. In this industry, you hear so many stereotypes about real estate agents and what they are like. People think that if they were to call an agent to ask a question they would be bombarded with emails and pressured to buy or sell from that day forward. I want people to have a great experience on my website. Give me the opportunity to earn your trust. I feel, once we talk, you will start to understand what kind of an agent I am. For some, this is the largest investment they will ever make or sell. It's a big deal, and I take that part of it very seriously. I realize that when I work for a client, they have a lot on the line. They don't have the broad experience I have in seeing how things go, seeing how minor bumps in the road get smoothed over and how sometimes minor bumps in real estate transactions can turn into major problems if not handled correctly. In a real estate transaction, economic and personal stakes are high, so you really need to trust who you work with. I take all the time needed to make sure you understand the market you are in and all the details of buying and selling. 

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you can count on my dedicated approach to your real estate goal. I will put you first and take the time to understand what's important to you your family, and your pets. Not everyone has the same set of circumstances, so I personalize my services and support according to what you need. I am willing to meet clients right at the beginning of their home search or right when they start to consider selling their home. At that time, I can answer all their questions, get to know all of their needs and discuss a plan of action. Some people take 1 to 2 years of searching before they buy. The more details I have about what you are looking for and what's important to you, the better I can serve you. It's important to me that my clients understand the process they are about to embark on and that they experience a no-pressure atmosphere where I can answer all of their questions and give them the support and resources they need. Many clients are on my website for one or two years before they are ready to buy or sell a home. 

For many sellers, I set up notifications of any new listings in their subdivision or neighborhood. When you are a year out, it's nice to receive information about your neighborhood. If you are selling your home, I will start with a market analysis. It is used to compare similar homes that sold in the last six months to a year, to your property. We can discuss any improvements you have made in your home and what the activity is in your neighborhood. We can also talk about a few things you can do to enhance all the amenities your home has to offer. If you need to do a few repairs and don't know anyone to do them, I have many connections that enable me to take care of my clients. When your home is show-ready I determine if the price we originally discussed has changed because of the current market. The price of your home is determined by the current market environment at the time it goes up for sale. You can count on my dedicated approach to selling.

If buying, I will take the time to understand you and your family's needs. We will discuss different neighborhoods, schools, amenities, parks, shopping and your drive time to and from work. I will refer you to an excellent lender so your mortgage will be pre-approved and ready to go when we find your perfect home. If pets are part of the family, we can view properties that accommodate their needs too. You will be able to organize your home search and set up alerts to new properties that come on the market that meet your specifications. I can also set up a search for you. Even seller's search homes online, mostly to find out what's happening in their neighborhood.

I have been involved in Resales, New Construction, General Contracting, Property Management, and Investment Properties.

I have been a Home Buyer and Seller, An investor, A Renter, A Rehabber, A Property Manager and a Landlord. 

I treat people the way I want to be treated. I am fair, honest, ethical, dedicated, and loyal. I remember what it was like at all the different phases of my life, in regards to real estate and homeownership, and I love meeting people that are in those places today. I understand the excitement, the worries, the stress, and the emotions and fears involved in being there. I also know the relief and excitement you will feel when you make it to the other side. Let me assist you in getting there. 

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"When I first connected with Anne we didn't really have a definite plan and it took us probably 2-3 months before we finally engaged her services. She waited patiently and stayed connected through emails to follow up with us. Anne listened and paid attention to things that were important to us in our next home. She was good in providing recommendations and guidance during negotiations and she provided us the best inspection service. I will definitely use her services again should I need to buy another house in this area again. Some words I would use to describe her strengths are local knowledge, attention to detail, Communication skills, responsive, professional, trustworthy and skilled negotiator."

  -Marie M., Client

""Anne was always on top of everything. Answered any and all questions. If she didn't have the answer for whatever reason, she went out of her way to make sure she got it as quickly as possible and back to me. She went above and beyond with helping during the (multiple) inspections on my home. Always did what she could to make sure I was informed. I couldn't have asked for a better agent. She was great throughout the entire process." Grace, Antioch Illinois (Buyer)"

  -Grace Cavanaugh, Client

""This was our first home purchase. Although we knew what home we wanted that was where the magic ended. Anne was our knight in shining armor that always helped and guided us in the right direction. From her easy to approach nature to her quick messages back even for the most obscure questions first home owner will ask (and you should ask them!), she was wonderful. Anne had a good amount of conversation with our sellers agent and always kept us informed and we were calmed because of that. Thanks to Anne we can say we had a wonderful home buying experience and I would not think twice to recommend Anne to anyone else that I know is looking or will look for a home." Amanda R and Marc W, Spring Grove, IL (Buyer)"

  -Amanda R., Client

"Anne was fabulous she was so accommodating and did everything she could to make things as easy as possible. It always seemed like she looked out for our best interests. She would come to us to get all the contracts signed and was very available and flexible to accommodate our crazy schedules. Just a great realtor!! I Definitely would recommend to anyone!! You'll love her!"

  -Tim Partridge, Other

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